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Planning for Feasibility Study

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Essay Preview: Planning for Feasibility Study

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Planning for Feasibility Study

Planning for Feasibility Study


The Hoosier Burger project development team has met several times with Bob and Thelma Mellankamp. During these meetings, Bob has stressed the importance of improving Hoosier Burger’s inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems. Demand for Hoosier Burger food is at an all-time high, and this increased demand is creating problems for Hoosier Burger’s staff, creating stock-out problems and impacting sales. During rush periods, customers sometimes wait fifteen minutes to place an order and may wait an additional twenty-five minutes to receive their order. Low-in-stock inventory items are often not reordered in a timely fashion, thus creating problems with the food preparation (Valaich, J., Hoffer, J., George, J. 2012).

Bob and Thelma have expressed their feelings that a new information system will be beneficial in the areas of inventory management, marketing, customer service, and food preparation. Additionally, the project team discussed with Bob and Thelma the possibility of implementing a point-of-sale system as an alternative design strategy (Valaich, J., Hoffer, J., George, J. 2012).


The Hoosier Burger wants to improve their business by investing in a system for inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems. The project development team has researched the different type systems that would be best and have decided on a POS system able to handle all concerns. Unless, the business expands the Restaurant and Bar POS system will be able to provide all these services (ShopKeep, 2014).

Feasibility Assessment


The initial cost of the POS system will is reasonably priced. The items that are included in the Restaurant and Bar POS system is a cash drawer, 2 Ethernet printers, iPad 2/3/4 enclosure, Ethernet cable, cash drawer mount, rotation base, thermal paper (50 rolls), 1-ply bond paper (50 rolls) at a cost of $1200.00(ShopKeep, 2014). Additional items that will be purchased are 5 Apple iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi & cellular units for 429.00 each, 4 - i7 iPad Mini Handheld enclosures for $99.00 each(ShopKeep, 2014). The total cost for everything is going to be about $4000.00 for start-up. There is no annual contract for ShopKeep services. The only cost for service from ShopKeep is $49.00 per register a month (ShopKeep, 2014).

This yearly cost for their services is $558.00. This cost includes all features of the service, including continued development and regular updates. It also includes unlimited customer care via phone, email, and online chat seven-days-a-week.


The POS System through ShopKeep will solve all issues



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