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Point Blank - Book Review

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Compare and Contrast

In the book Point Blank the main character is Alex Rider, a fourteen year-old spy for the British M16. He is sent on a mission to investigate a strange boarding school called Point Blanc which is French for white point. It is run by a sadistic crazy man Dr. Grief. So the two characters I chose were obviously Dr. Grief and Alex Rider. They are alike in some ways they both are very different as you can tell by Alex being a spy and Grief a sadistic scientist.

Some of the ways they are alike is how they both are different from everybody else like what I said in the first paragraph. Also they both are very smart and inventive Grief cloned himself 16 times if that is not smart and inventive I don't know what is. Alex on the other hand created a snowboard out of an ironing board and he always figured out ways to escape from the clutches of Dr. Grief. Lastly they both are strong willed and independent Alex while in Point Blanc he did not report to classes and did not listen to Grief or Mrs. Stellenbosch his assistant director. Grief on the other hand does not care what other people say he does what he wants.

Even though they are the same in some ways they are very different. Alex is talented and calm while Grief is sadistic and crazy, like when Alex is captured by Grief and is telling him how he is going to take over the world Alex stood calm even while every time he said something Mrs. Stellenbosch would almost knock his head of his shoulders. Also as I said before Alex is a spy for the British M16 and Greif is a scientist. Alex is a young normal looking kid while Grief is an old creepy looking man.

As you can tell Dr. Grief and Alex are very different but at the same time they are alike. These two characters were the most appealing to me because they are so different. But when you look deeper they are very much alike



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