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Policing the Ghetto Underclass

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Essay Preview: Policing the Ghetto Underclass

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. The media is important, and go further to explain that media representations construct knowledge of crime and since knowledge about crime is constructed it does not necessarily capture reality in fact crime stories are often sensationalized. It covers a remarkable range of perspectives and debates that should interest both the initiated criminological scholar and general readers eager to learn more about how crime has been covered across an array of media, past and present. Crime and the media Is really good to read I feel like I'm watching channel eleven breaking news. It's really just talking about what's going on in life and not what people really think about how the justice system is you really don't know the truth unless you are actually in the justice system. The media's impact on crime speaks about the impact of terror and violence in the media on youth Moral panic theory focuses on the distortion of reality by the media for its own benefits The U.S does have more violent crime than any other societies, with a murder rate anywhere from 12 times higher. Another thing is most murders are sometimes unplanned and it starts out with a dispute. I think most murders are plan for some reason can't really explain but that's what I adjust to do a murder is sometimes plan. Throughout society there are both individuals and groups of people with a wide range of perceptions about crime and justice. These perceptions are influenced by the media and what the media presents. Media presents crime stories in ways that selectively distort and manipulate public perception, thus creating a false picture of crime. The way the media represents crime can reinforce fear and create moral panic but as media consumers it is our job to are shown in the media as to not be effected by the media in trying to shape our perceptions about. critically analyze the content crime of the news and ask questions about the crimes that



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