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Political Cartoons

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Constance Smith

Political Cartoons

B1 – 10/ 8/14

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P.O.V. – The point of view suggests that Ebola is pretty serious, and  we should make sure we are prepared.

Author – Dana Summers

Date of Publication – October 6th 2014

Political Issue Addressed – EBOLA IN AMERICA! The whole uproar about Ebola now being in the U.S. because a citizen lied about being in contact with sick individuals while in Africa.

Analysis – The mailbox in the cartoon says “Dallas” on it. Showing that this is pinpointed directly at the new situation of Ebola being in America. The way her son is all wrapped up in a quarantine type of suit shows one, just how bad these disease is. But also how it could spread fast and we should all get prepared for it.

My Reaction – Personally, Ebola to me is really kind of scary. That this disease/sickness could have such an impact on a large amount of people. Almost makes me think twice before I shake someone’s hand or drink after certain people.  I mean, in general no one is really “prepared” for the disease but if it were to spread to the U.S. like it did in Africa I feel like with our technology and medicine we could save a lot of lives.


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P.O.V. – The point of view suggests that the U.S. Secret Service aren’t as trained, and smart as everyone thinks they are.

Author – Jack Ohman

Date of Publication – October 6th 2014

Political Issue Addressed – The cartoon addressed the issue where a man was able to enter the White House after jumping the fence.

Analysis – The cartoon shows the Secret Service men as being “dumb” hence the upside down book on of them is holding. The fact that he is even attempting to read the book almost seems as if they aren’t as trained as they should be. Also the guy in the middle who says “Actually, we’re best at protecting ourselves.” Shows that they can protect themselves from crime, but maybe not so good at protecting the President.

My Reaction – Personally I feel as they failed at doing their job. Who knows what that guy could have done if he came in contact with the President or ANYONE in that house. If their job is to protect the White House that guy should have not even made it 20 feet passed the fence he jumped.


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P.O.V. – The author seems like he is for Guns, and against gun laws.

Author – Drew Sheneman

Date of Publication – March 26th 2014

Political Issue Addressed – The cartoon brings up the issue of Gun Laws, and Gun rights.



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