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Political Ideology

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Essay Preview: Political Ideology

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Political Ideology: You choose your Ideology usually by the views of your spouse, if your husband/wife believes that they are let's say conservative, it's very common for the other partner to agree and say that they are also conservative. Through media, if yo used that maybe the President is a liberal sometimes you would agree and say that your also a liberal. And residency if you live in a certain area that can help make you choose what Ideology you have. The definition of political ideology is that you see yourself more on one side than the other by their views, like if someone believed that they are a conservative they would believe in more limited government, individual liberty, and free markets. Whereas if you believed you are a liberal you'd believe that the government should be more involved in our lives. Then if you believed that you align yourself with a mixture of both of these you'd consider yourself to be a moderate, which is just a mix of both Conservative and Liberal. some topics that conservatives and liberals don't agree on are abortion; Conservatives believe that abortion is the murder of a human being. Liberals believe that a woman has the right to decide what happens to her body. Another topic is Healthcare; conservative side believes that healthcare should be privatized. Liberals believe that every american has the right to an affordable healthcare.

Public Opinion: Public Opinion is the distribution of opinions held by the public. Public opinion is pretty accurate. A researcher has to select a sample of people, in these samples there must be the same number of men and women, by race, and their political views. In polls it's important to have randomness because it takes away any bias that might show up during the polling which allows the pollster to select people unintentionally, by their race, or sex. But public opinion has some faults. The non sampling error. How the question is worded, how the question is ordered, the tone of voice used by the interviewers, and how the interviewer is dressed all influence people's responses to survey the questions. Researches must ask valid questions. Public opinion polls must be read carefully. Any opinion poll can be inaccurate for many reasons. Accurate public opinion is based on inaccurate information and people are prone to change their minds. Public opinion has influenced government by letting individuals vote for who they think should win election, or such.

Political Parties: You choose which party you align yourself with by the media, and what your partner's views are. Conservative's are Republican, while Liberal's are Democrats. The definitions of both republicans and democrats aren't that much different from conservative and liberal. The Democratic Party believes it's the governments responsibility to take care of the people. Even if that means giving up some of your individual rights. Their party pushed



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