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Political Sattire

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"Silver City" is a political satire film. The makers of the movie aimed at George Bush ,absolutely making fun of George Bush talking style. The movie concentrates on the battle of Dickie Pilager, who is running for governor of Colorado. Dickie is the individual of modern interest who need to move back pollution controls and punishments. The movie begins with Dickie Pilager remaining before a lake and speaks about the environment. It makes Dickie sound so much like George Bush.

His battle is being overseen by Chuck Raven, who lets him know what to say and how to say it.The most important part is the disclosure of a dead body in a lake, and the endeavors of private investigator Danny O'Brien to explore the case.It's a decent question whether films like this have any genuine political influence.Dickie Pilager is a character who is clearly expected to be George Bush. How would I realize that? Since Dickie Pilager talks to put it plainly, simplistic , utilizes clichés to cover his genuine objectives.Is this movie assaulting the president with that past sentence or just depicting him? Maybe to portray George Bush's talking style in that way is not especially harming, in light of the fact that numerous American individuals worldwide is familiar with the way he talks, and many of us are comfortable with it.

In my opinion, the satire isn’t effective and may not change many votes. There is nothing in the movie's portrait of Pilager/Bush that has not already been absorbed and is too sensitive. Satire is used in this movie to express Bush noble thoughts about the environment while his administration labors to license more pollution and less conservation. We also know Bush's sponsors include the giant energy companies. So when Dickie Pillager is revealed as the creature of anti-environment conglomerates, it comes as old news and flashback to the time when Bush was the president.The movie's strength is its negativity. There is something honest and a little brave about the way the director refuses to provide closure at the



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