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Power of Belief

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The media affects our perception of celebrity in many different ways. For instance, it does so through television by leaving us with a visual impact. It also affects our perception through the newspaper by slanting the written word. Also our perceptions are affected through magazines, either glamorizing or deconstructing the celebrities. The media can really make or break a celebrity.

The Power of Celebrity: Celebrity Influence on Society

Asya Jackson

El Camino College


In a world where it's not unusual to wake up, check cell phones for notifications; look at the television or newspaper for the news. Information is becoming easier to get your hands on; mass media has a two-sided effect on its viewers. Due to the rapid responses of the internet and smart phone applications, the ability to find out the latest hot topic has improved because of the growth of technology. Throughout the years mass media has grown from the telegraph, then post offices, newspapers, magazines, radio, television and now social media. The connection of the virtual world leads most people to have a disconnection from the actuality of the truth of the information given. Have we become so tuned into what the media says that we tune out our own beliefs? Today almost everyone relies on information and communication to keep their lives moving through everyday activities. This study aims to answer the question does the information of mass media effect the beliefs of the society? It also will focus on analyzing the levels of mass media before the usage of the internet. This study will consider how the media can impact society after the usage of internet are affected negatively, positivity or not at all. This study will be based on a survey of 80 El Camino College students whom frequently rely on the information from the media. I expect that the media will indeed impact negatively or positively by the frequent reliance of its information among El Camino College students.

Keywords: mass media; belief; society; technology; power

The Power of the Media: Media Effect on Public Belief

"The media's the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's the power. Because they control the minds of the masses." (Malcolm X). In this society people depend on the news to know what is going on outside of their own world. People count on the information given to be accurate and true with no room for error; if the media says it then it must be true. "We need to be aware of the values we hold, the beliefs we harbor and the decisions we make are based on assumptions", (Dr. Anthony R. Curtis). People become the culture they live in, they learn from passive entertainment, gossip, violence, sex and self-centeredness. Such things like breaking news lets you know that whatever is being said is highly important. Some may believe



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