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Primary Methods of Maintaining Organizational Culture

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Essay Preview: Primary Methods of Maintaining Organizational Culture

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Q1. Explain the primary methods of maintaining organizational culture. What can management do to create a more ethical culture?


How we adapt to the external environment and integrate with the internal environment. How we manage our relationships when confronted with decision-making responsibility. Those are the key issues defining the culture that sets one organization apart from others.

Organizational culture can be defined as a complementary but homogenous combination of shared values (mission) and super ordinate goals (vision) derived over time. It has perceived and subjective views of the internal and external activities that are guiding members as they solve problems.

The word ethical is very essential in both key issues mentioned above. We cannot maintain organizational culture without having moral or conscientious guidelines. We see weak and strong cultures within organizations. Strength of an organizational culture is proportional with the core values having an impact and influence on the behaviour of his members. Strong cultures have a high degree of behaviour control through sharing intensive relations created within a committed internal climate.

A strong organisational culture is substitute for a high-formalised organization. This means that predictability; consistency and orderliness are being created. With other words we need to cultivate a strong culture to maintain it.

When we start a new organization, organizational culture would begin when we hire and keep only employees who think and feel the same way we do. By indoctrination and socializing they change the way of thinking and feeling. If we are living examples of this culture, identification and internalization of the employee his beliefs, values and assumptions will take place.

To my opinion we can keep the culture only alive by developing a strong ethical standard. I am convinced not everyone is sharing this opinion. I will therefore answer the question slightly different by explaining why organizational culture can only be maintained through ethically effectiveness and by emphasizing vitality in growth.

1. We have to use the correct tools to select new candidates. Concern to provide information to these candidates about the organization should be primordial. Not only selection but also constant guidance will bring them to growth.

a. Select those with personality and attitude consistent with service orientation. Attempts need to be made to assure a proper match. It will make it easier for the candidate and growing pains will be less. By weeding out the misfits at the start we sustain and maintain the culture.

b. During the growth keep an eye on the organizational structure and if need be give away or take back control.

c. Empower employees to make decision about their jobs.

d. Help the new employee to understand the rituals in the community.

e. Teach them the culture's own language. It is different from his previous organization. Each Culture has his own language. Body language is the most obvious expression but the most difficult one to learn and understand. In this we come back to the rituals. Combined with stories they are the best guidance for the candidates.

2. The senior executives need to help in establishing the behavioural norms that have been adopted in the Firm. This correct behaviour will filter downwards when they lead by living the focused vision. What is correct ethical behaviour?

a. Being ethical and visible and showing a high tolerance to risk.

b. Placing focus on the means and the outcomes by conducting performance appraisals and evaluate them with in mind the inner life of the person being appraised. Appraise a person, not only his 'trade'



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