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Principles and Concepts of Nursing Service Administration - Recruitment Process

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Essay Preview: Principles and Concepts of Nursing Service Administration - Recruitment Process

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1. What approach does your organization use to recruit employees? Is it effective? How could the process be improved?

The approach that my organization use to recruit employees is based on civil service in which they will post the vacant positions on three easily sighted locations in the hospital. It was also posted on the social media of our organization and also on the website of the Department of Health job vacancies.

The job seekers then undergo examination and series of personal interview with the Hiring and Promotions Committee which consist of the people voted by hospital personnel prior to the examinations and interview.

I think the process is well planned but it can be better if the practice of recruitment will be made faster. It will help the organization fill the vacant positions faster and on the side of the applicants, it will not waste their time waiting for the result so they can find other job vacancies too.

2. Imagine that a potential candidate ask you to describe your workplace. What would you say?

If a potential candidate would ask me to describe my workplace, I would say the truth that it was a government hospital so he/she have to expect that the census of the patient is constantly high no matter what season. The work is tiring but the work is also fulfilling because working in the government makes you an extension of God’s healing hands to the poor, underprivileged and oppressed people in the society. The workplace may be jump packed every time; it will surely make you more resourceful because you will be thinking of ways to solve the problem using the unordinary. It will make you better in arts because you will be using things not particularly used for their function. It will make you physically fit because you have to move fast and you will need to use all the skills you never thought you had. All in all, our workplace is not the ideal workplace, but with the challenges that it entails, it will make us better nurses.

3. Have you ever participated in a staff interview either as a candidate or a member of a staff? Describe your experience.

Would you do anything differently now that we have discussed about the topic?

I have participated in a staff interview as a candidate. I actually applied for multiple times before I was hired as permanent in my position. During my first time, I was very nervous in every step from examination to interview. During the succeeding interviews I was s little bit relieved because I had an idea what to expect then.

If I will do something differently, it would be perhaps I should read more on the common questions during interview to better prepare. As a candidate, my only goal



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