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Difference Between Nursing Managers, Administrators and Nurse Executive

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Essay Preview: Difference Between Nursing Managers, Administrators and Nurse Executive

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Difference between Nursing Managers, Administrators and Nurse Executive




 The nurse administrator is mandated with the role of heading the nurse group practices. The administrator, therefore, ensures that the interests of the nurses are adhered. The administrator is helpful in ensuring the advancement of the nursing profession, and this is attained by nurturing great principles of nursing practice. The rights of the nurses are, therefore, promoted in the workplace hence a realistic and positive view pertaining nursing is created. The administrator also ensures that there is ample supply of well-educated and highly skilled nurses. The general and economic welfare of the nurses are promoted in the workplace, and this is made possible by the nurse administrator.

On the other hand, the task of the nurse manager is different since their mandate is to ensure that excellence, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the nurses are harnessed. The quality of the services delivered to the patients is, therefore, enhanced to great standards. The manager also ensures the conducive, positive and safe work environment and this can be through the adoption of various conflict resolution strategies since conflicts can be inevitable at times. The nurse manager is also mandated in incorporating leadership skills, and this can be through the adoption of innovation, creativity and critical thinking. The manager also creates the virtue of accountability and responsibility on the part of the nurses.

         The nurse executive, on the other hand, undertakes the mandate pertaining relationship building and communication, and this is through competences such as relationship management, shared decision-making and effective communication. The executive also advocates professionalism in the nursing practice, and this is through professional and personal accountability. Professionalism can also be enhanced through evidence-based management and clinical practice as well as career planning. The executive also ensures the widening of the knowledge base involving the health care environment and this can be through work design knowledge and patient care delivery models. The diverse roles of the nurse administrator, manager and executive can, therefore, be differentiated.


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