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Problems Causing Buddhist Decline in Japan

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Essay Preview: Problems Causing Buddhist Decline in Japan

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Problems causing Buddhist decline in Japan

• Monks marriage, not in Japan but for people on outside looking in

• Hereditary temples

2 schools of Japanese Buddhism

• Soto zen, Rinzai zen

Name a reason Chinese Buddhism is currently in a period of revival

• Pop culture, movies, less political persecution

List strategies to get to enlightenment from Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism as you can

• 8 fold path, 10 perfections, cultivating bodhicitta, mindfulness, skillful means

Summarize the oxherding pictures

• Finding the ox, taming the ox, transcending the ox, return to the world and live it out enlightened

Why are women second class citizens in Tibetan Buddhism

Masculinity, cant be ordained fully

List some of the 10 perfections

• Patience, insight, morality

Buddhist list describes a person having trouble focusing the mind on studying but is feeling hungry and worried

• 5 hindrances

o desire

o ill will

o sloth and torpor

o restlessness and worry

o doubt

List the Three Marks of Existence

Suffering, impermanence, non-self

Name one of the distinctive features of American Buddhism

Repackaged, commercial products, tension between immigrants and white Buddhism, selective teaching

Distinguish between the Gateless Gate Room and the Pure Land

• GGR meditation room in monastery, place you go for 3 years, for cultivation

• Pure Land is not on earth, place of happiness, Amida Buddha, easy to be enlightened

Distinguish between the Karmapa and Dalai Lama

• Dalai Lama from Gelug

• Karmapa from Kagyu

Distinguish between a tulku and a siddha

• Siddha has supernatural powers, breaks convention in part of the tantric path

• Tulku is recognized holder

Distinguish between convert and Asian Buddhism

• Asian, community, sanga, nationalism, whole cosmology and rituals

• Convert, minority, individualized, monastic practices with very little ordination

Distinguish between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism

• Theravada is more conservative, Arhat, precept nuns, take what is given to them

• Mahayana has bodhisattva, fully ordained and novice monks, vegetarian and they eat dinner, slightly more rules

Short Essay 2 paragraphs

1) Main features of Tibetan Buddhism: The Dalai Lama, the leader of the Gelug sect, the newest and most powerful. Prayer wheels and prayer flags. Less of a focus on rituals and more of a focus on mindfulness and developing true happiness.


In Tibetan Buddhism, there are a number of features that



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