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Unemployment Is the Cause of Many Social Problems in Our Society

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Essay Preview: Unemployment Is the Cause of Many Social Problems in Our Society

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Delethy Ellis

Title: Unemployment is the cause of many social problems in our society.

A blindfold has been cast over society, closing up their minds' eye. This blindfold has blot out the wrongs that are being perpetuated by the elite or employed, which has left the social ills that are tarnishing society squarely at the feet of the unemployed. An eye-opener has been long overdue, to examine the huge "death" that many of these employed have inflicted on society. Stop for a minute! Think about it! Come let us truly examine the situation and hold those who are responsible for the social problems, such as corruption, poverty, and crime accountable . highlights corruption as "the abuse of a public office for personal gain or other illegal or immoral benefit". A mammoth universal problem cost countries millions of dollars annually. It is ironic however that these persons continue to get paid, but not charged. The illusion of the carpet continues to hide corruption from the eyes of several citizens, meanwhile money that should be used by government officials to propel the country in disappearing into off-shore bank accounts. According to Alex Last "Nigeria

is ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. For decades the government has accrued huge oil revenues, yet the country suffers from a lack of basic infrastructure, and tens of millions live in poverty At the same time, some politicians and their business associates have amassed personal fortunes". It is also ironic that politicians, who come on the various mass mediums and publicly condemn criminals, are guilty of in sighting crimes.

Corruption is the well from which poverty springs. states that "The World Bank has identified corruption as among the greatest obstacles to economic and social development. It undermines development by distorting the rule of law and weakening the institutional foundation on which economic growth depends". Millions of state funds that are supposed to drive the country forward is embezzled and lost into the deep and filthy pockets of state officials. Former Ambassador to Jamaica Sue Cobb mentions "According to the Asian Development Bank, one East Asian country is estimated to have lost $48 billion over 20 years due to corruption, surpassing its entire foreign debt of $40.6 billion. It has been calculated that as much as $30 billion in aid for Africa has ended up not in Africa, but in foreign bank accounts". How can a country tackle or even come close to eradicating poverty when those put in charge to eliminate it are perpetuating, by robbing the very country they claim to serve. Haiti is the poorest of the Western Hemisphere, a situation that is largely due politicians seeking to ensure that



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