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Process Analysis

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Process Analysis Essay: How to kick a bad habit

We all have some kind of a bad habit. Some of us of have less than others or more abolishing than others. Sometimes we are aware that we have them and sometimes we are not. Whether you bite your nails, won't stop smoking, procrastinate or are a compulsive shopper. These habits will slow us down and restrict us from living a joyful life and can be unhealthy. You have to focus on your actions and how they started. I'm going to show you the certain ways to help you confront your bad habits and try to mend them.

Keep a journal of your bad habits. This will daily guide you to your actions. Every time your bad behavior is taking over, record it and command yourself to remember. This will help you analyze the problem and take action.

Analyze why you enjoy it and how it started. How did your bad habit started? Where you looking for acceptance ? Was it a break away from something? Once you start looking for answer you could find out that they didn't have logic in the first place and it will help you shape your behavior.

Focus on the consequence of the careless action

Write them down. Think of how they are affecting you. Are you losing your family? Are you losing your friends? Once you understand how this is affecting you. It will encourage you to change it.

How is dropping this bad habit going to benefit you.

Is it going to give you more time for others. Determine what you could be doing instead of the bad habit. Find other alternatives that can substitute for the fulfillment of the bad behavior. Find positive things you can do to keep your mind away from this habit.

Focus on your conduct

Ask yourself how serious you are to change this behavior. Is it something that you really want. Do you want to avoid it or do want to keep doing it?

Start getting rid of this bad habits and start learning good ones.

Replace all your bad actions with new ones. Try something new, a new hobby, a new sport, start reading books. Make it something that you enjoy to do and that will benefit you. This could be hard at first but once you get used to it, you will feel better about yourself.

Be persistent

No matter how many times you fell in the bad habit. Keep looking for ways to get rid of them. Don't give up on them. They will seem impossible to overcome but with persistence and dedication you will overcome them.

You can always ask for support from friends or family members.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Ask for advice maybe other people had the same bad habit and can



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