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Product Innovation

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Nintendo was founded in 1889. It developed into a video game company almost a century later after failing at several other ventures.

It's first video game console worth mentioning was the Family Computer abbreviated as Famicom in Japan otherwise known as the Nintendo entertainment system (NES). It was replaced by the super Famicom/ Super Nintendo entertainment system(SNES) after a while.

Then in 1996 they released a Nintendo 64 the first console we remember playing on. After the success of the Nintendo 64 then came the Nintendo game cube in 2001 then finally, came the Nintendo Wii.

The project shows the innovation and technological enhancements in the products throughout the brief history mentioned above.

The product - Nintendo Wii

It was released in november2006 and it was an instant success as it was much awaited as unlike its competitors the Xbox 360 by Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 by Sony as it had virtual reality based game play.

It is the smallest home console ever. Its controllers are the Wii Remote and nunchuk .The Wii remote uses accelerometers and infrared detection to allow for motion sensing. It has arrow keys and a button on the bottom which is useful as a trigger in shooting games. They are not always used in synchronisation as not all games require the nunchuk, but if required it is added to the Wii remote through a wire and shares batteries with it but to connect with the main console they use wireless technology.

Situation Analysis

PESTLE Analysis

Political: Factors such as taxation policies, foreign trade regulations and social welfare policies influence the video game industry. Video games have a can to affect the emotions of people which inturn can threaten peace and law, therefore Government should have the authority to control the contents of the video game frames.

Economic: Some countries like the U.S and Japan are hugely affected by the video game industry, thus contributing towards the GDP of their countries. Interest rates don't have much impact on the video game industry as they make their own products. The income of the consumers in the video game industry has the most effect on their buying behaviour as it is preferred by children.

Social: The social influencing factors are, income distribution, lifestyle changes, social mobility, attributes to work, consumerism, and consumer behaviour. Nintendo's move to start The World of Nintendo show rooms was to attract more customers and to attempt to fulfill customer needs. Also games have an affect the society by introducing them to new concepts, which has an impact on the industry.

Legal: The main legal problems deal with trademarks, copyrights, licensing, online ownership,



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