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Productive and Counter Productive Behaviors

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Essay Preview: Productive and Counter Productive Behaviors

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Because most organizations in the end judge their success on how productive they are, or have become it is important that management can confront the productive and counterproductive behaviors. When management can make a counterproductive employee productive not only will the management have a gratifying supervisor experience the whole organization can gain with employees on track. Productive and counterproductive behavior will play a key role in any organization. When management can understand these behaviors it will allow an organization to decrease counterproductive behavior and maximize productive behavior.

Productive behavior and counterproductive behavior is opposite of each other. Productive behavior relates to behavior that increases productivity. This type of behavior is "defined as employee behavior that contributes positively to the goals and objectives of the organization" (Britt & Jex, 2008, Ch. 4). Productive behavior will promote, encourage, and aid an organization in its purpose where counterproductive behavior will do the exact opposite. It is important to fully understand the definition and impact of productive and counterproductive behavior for a business to be successful.

Productive behavior is defined as an employee whose behavior contributes to the goals and objectives of the organization. When an employee is productive he or she exceeds what is expected of him or her. Productive employees will be able to come up with inventive ideas that will contribute to the organizations success.

Counterproductive employee behavior can work against the organizations success. Many behaviors that can occur which can include bullying, acting out, displaying negativity, not listening, complaining, and not getting along with other employees or management. Counterproductive employees may not even know they are behaving in a bad way it may be behavior that has never been shown to them before.

Behaviors whether they are productive or counterproductive will always have a direct impact on the organization and the performance. When an organization has productive employees it will run more efficiently and smoothly. With productive employee behavior there can be improved customer satisfaction and with that there will be a lower cost of expenses, which obviously is a positive impact. When an employee does not only his or her job but also surpasses what is asked he or she they will save the organization money and time. When an organization saves like this it can be put to use in other ways of further goals of the company. With productive employees the organization will have customer satisfaction because he or she are doing his or her best to make sure all needs of the customer are met. A productive employee can make a savings on payroll expenses because he or she is finishing jobs usually in less time than what has been budgeted.

With counterproductive employees they will bring a negative impact to



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