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Purchasing Behavior of Female Teenagers for Grooming Products

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Essay Preview: Purchasing Behavior of Female Teenagers for Grooming Products

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1.1 Background of the Study

People live in a society that is obsessed with beauty. There is a pressing demand to look good at all times, at all costs. According to a study conducted by AC Nielsen (2007) on personal grooming and the usage of beauty products, today, the pressure to be beautiful has become stronger than it was during our parent's day. Every day, as soon as people wake up, they are subjected to different form of media that communicate one message, to be beautiful.

The pressure to be beatiful has become critical, because as people go along in their daily activities, they scrutinize and judge each other based on their appearance, and their ability to conform to the norm. Looking beautiful, therefore, is ingrained in people's mindset as a standard of acceptance.

Based on the research conducted by Nielsen (2007) in Asia Pacific Region, it shown that 82% buys health and beauty products. In the same research study, the company found out that globally, people within the age bracket of 15 to 24 have the highest rate who admitted that they try to look stylish at all times. The same age bracket has likewise shown results that they want to look good for themselves, and not to attract the opposite sex.

In the Philippines, 40% of the population belongs to the youth sector, based from the latest record of United Nations. It only says 1 in every 5 Filipino is a young person. In Pindol's (2007) article on The Global Youth, The Filipino Youth: Choosing Reading Materials Appropriate for the Times, she mentioned that the Filipino youth today is now more a product of mass media, rather than their genes or schools, even their homes. Bennet (2000) and Nava (1996) say these youth, who are greatly exposed to mass media, are actually not blinded and consumed by what they see and hear, as they are deemed the most sophisticated readers of images and media, than any group in the society.

Cosmetic industry is a category that includes products purchased and utilized by consumers for personal use. Included in this category are skin care products, hair-care products, lotions, perfumes, make-up and other products and stances that are typically applied to the body for cleansing, enhancement or protective purposes.

The lip care industry includes Lip Balm, Lipsticks, Lip gloss, Lip plumper, and Lip liners. Each product line has its target users, lipsticks for early adults to adults; lip plumper and liners to achieve fuller lips with added texture, having the same market as lipsticks; and the lip balm, which is targeted to the younger market, within the age range of 10 - 19 years old, as their early introduction to lip care products, amongst other cosmetic brands.

As the population ages, and technology prompts innovations, people continue to search for ways to improve their lives. These brought about the emergence of different health and wellness enthusiasts such as, the runners, yoga aficionados, gym buffs, as well as the option to select wellness companies like the spas, salons, and even medical clinics that are dedicated to beauty. Furthermore, people began to understand the implications of UV rays to the skin; the damage of air and water pollutions to the skin, as well as the effects of other medications to the human body. All of these having the end goal of being beautiful, which is prompted by the need to be accepted, and happiness will follow.

People progress with the society they belong to, and today, information is no longer a privilege, but a right. This silent and recurring demand to information led to the birth of a new breed of populace, which are the aware and informed class. Media, therefore, has a strong foothold on this breed, as they are the primary source of credible news and information, which the latter can no longer live without.

The culture has moved from people who wait for media to drop the news, to people who actually want information within their control. Moreover, people are more aggressive than ever. The quench for facts translates to people's susceptibility to brands and different media to mold the manner of thinking, behaviour, and form acceptable norms in a particular culture.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

As the global demand to look beautiful has inevitably penetrated the Filipino youth, involving both men and women to be part of the trend, there is pressing issue on the usage of commercial lip care products to enhance a person's physical appearance.

The group, therefore, identifies the general problem to be the societal pressure to look good and pleasant, particularly in women; and how media contributed to the issue by molding the minds of the consumers.

The specific problem, on the other hand, is identified as the effects of these demands on the socio-economic and emotional aspects of the target market. There is the issue on self-esteem and peer pressure.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The goal of the study is to identify the grooming behavior of female teenagers in the Philippines, which prompts the preference and actual purchase of commercial lip balm products.




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