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Protect Women Outside of Canada from Abuse

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Essay Preview: Protect Women Outside of Canada from Abuse

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"Do we have a responsibility to help protect women outside of Canada from abuse? How might that change our International law or Immigration law? Can you anticipate what some of the conflicts might be if we intervene?

Violence against women is one of the most disturbing and inferior challenge in front of the world community in general, along with its organizations and institutions, the governmental and the non-governmental ones, to all of the other individuals concerned about this observable fact around the globe. Gender-based violence is literally the most spread violations of human rights. This abuse takes several forms and shapes that vary from physical, psychological, sexual or economical to name few. "It's more likely to a woman aged between 15 and 44, to be domestically abused or even raped in her lifetime than being infected with malaria or cancer for example. Rape during warfare, genital mutilation and the so called "Honour Killings" are all statistical facts that show how far the international community still have to go on with this war"(Unrwa).

"Records show that more than 70% of women are subjected to violence regardless of its form by men, in which the majority were committed by husbands, intimate partners or someone close. Despite the belief that most abuses take place behind closed doors and mostly too that they go unreported, I was shocked to know that in the united states, one-third of women murdered each year, were killed by their partners" (Unrwa)."A scale of a woman every six hours murdered in South Africa, or twenty two women murdered per day in India during the dowry-related murders of 2007."(Unrwa).In this report we will discuss our responsibility of protecting women outside of Canada from abusive relationships, and the some of the ways that international laws or immigration laws could change their miserable situations.

While dealing with these discouraging facts, we always have to mention the significant role of the global movement against violence against women, and pay our tributes to such efforts that work around the clock to widen the diameter of this combat and raise the awareness among everybody. This global phenomena doesn't only violate women and their prospective rights, when its in an indirect way harming our families and communities, where woman is an equal partner with man in the workforce and at home. Gender-based violence jeopardizes our productivity as a society; it bankrupts our human capital and subsequently prevents our growth. Canadian society is responsible just like any other society to protect human being in general and women in particular.

In Canada, continuous enhancement to the quality and depth of data collected on violence against women has helped in contributing some important information for viewing the prevalence, analyze the impacts and form the appropriate responses to violence. The Canadian long arm in this domain has actually crossed the borders, helping governments and non-governmental organizations to take a stronger stand in this battle, highlighting new and emerging issues, and developing legislation, policies and programs to help prevent violence and assist victims.

Canada has been long working on protecting women's rights through its foreign policies, by promoting and integrating these rights throughout the UN system. The country has been honored to be one of the first countries to develop and endorse the convention on



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