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Psy 211 - Testing a Theory

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Essay Preview: Psy 211 - Testing a Theory

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Testing a Theory



February 17,2011

Tyler Maxey

Testing a Theory

Testing theories is something that I do on a daily basis for my job. I use the internet to do an informal research about people with their problems and test out a lot of hypothesis to see which hypothesis actually fixes the problem. For problems that I have never run into I usually take the following steps and course of action to resolve user issues. I usually check into the problem, research what could be the possible cause, after finding the possible causes I find the answer to what could possibly resolve the problem and start with the first method that seems like it would work. While testing my theories of what work, I test each theory with one hypothesis at a time to make see exactly what the cause was and what exactly resolved the problem. I always have a different opportunity to test theories on a daily basis which makes what I do always exciting. My research method correlates to the research methods of psychologists by doing a testing different hypothesis to resolve problems. Research types that differentiate between what I do and what psychologists do differs when they do formal researches. Variables in a work environment always change and never stay the same. The atmosphere is never controlled and you can never really estimate what is going to tack onto the next problem. The only thing that stays controlled is the time I have to resolve issues, and ways that I can research my problems. After testing my theory of "if I do this, that will happen" the problems I typically face is usually resolved by following the method of testing many hypothesis with different variables and a non-controlled environment, but yet the way I gather information is pretty systematic.



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