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Psy 428 - Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary

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Essay Preview: Psy 428 - Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary

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Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary

Roxanne C. Pendergraft


June 12, 2011

Ginny Estupihian

1. Based on the situation illustrated in the simulation, what theory/theories of employee motivation could be used to increase productivity? Why?

Airdevils has a great number of issues that have contributed to the decrease in job satisfaction with the stunt performers. The survey findings showed that the problem did not lay with the support group or the administration, but with the stunt performers. Employee motivation could be increased by the following: training in other stunts, performance based incentives, enter a new line of stunts to their services portfolio and rotation in industry meets based on seniority and performance. Reviewing the original employee survey results displayed an overwhelming dissatisfaction in the areas of pay and promotion which can cause a great many of problems for an organization; lack of cohesion, poor job performance, high turnover and an overall poor working environment for all involved. Training in other stunts would allow the thrill seekers who have become complacent in the routine of performing the same stunts over and over again the ability to seek greater thrills in the stunts being performed and also strengthen their diversity as a performer in this tricky area of expertise. Stunt performers enjoy taking risks, and boredom is something that does not mix well with them so pursuing new things and taking their skills to the next level is a must; introducing training in other stunts would definitely contribute to building the moral of the Airdevil performers. Performance based incentives would definitely be a plus for the stunt performers as this was one of the alarming areas in the employee survey. Stunt performers take risks when performing their services; the biggest risk is these stunts could contribute to the loss of life therefore rewarding the stunt performers based on the level of risk involved would be a great reward system the Airdevil organization could set in place to send a message to the stunt performers that we recognize what you do and based on that we are going to pay you your base salary and add a bonus to that for the stunt you perform depending on the risk involved. Rotation in industry meets based on seniority and performance would assist the Airdevil performers in numerous ways. There are those stunt performers that feel that they are always practicing their stunts and not finding a balance between work and family; there are the stunt performers that feel as though the more senior stunt performers are blocking their opportunity to display their skills at industry meets. Rotation would allow for the senior stunt performers to relax and find the necessary balance between work and family while providing the pathway for the junior stunt performers to gain the training and experience so they can all work together as a team without the feeling that some employees are getting more than others. This would definitely contribute to organizational wellness and re-build the concept of teamwork for the Airdevils.

2. Based on your findings from the simulation, how can knowledge of human behavior, cognition, and affect be used to enhance relationships in the workplace?




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