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Public Health - Current Priorities and Approaches to Provision of Service for People with Chlamydia

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Essay Preview: Public Health - Current Priorities and Approaches to Provision of Service for People with Chlamydia

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Investigate current priorities and approaches to provision of service for people with Chlamydia (the most common sexually transmitted disease among the young people in the UK).

Majority of the rising rate of young people under the age of 25 years old contracting Chlamydia; this group do not practice safe sex namely not using condom during sexual intercourse and at the same time having multiple sexual partners. As such, the government launch programs to raise awareness of Chlamydia by promoting testing of Chlamydia for free, the effect of Chlamydia and preventive measures and treatment of Chlamydia. The Government together with working in partnership namely GP surgeries, contraceptive services, local community centre and pharmacists provide testing services of Chlamydia with the intention of early detection, provide treatment for the infection hence prevent further development of Chlamydia in the patient and their partners and also onward transmission to another sexual partner. The Government and its working in partnership through leaflets, access to internet, community health talks and counselling convey messages that untreated infection leads to severe long-term problem especially in women who may have pelvic inflammatory disease that affect the uterus, ovary and fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy and infertility whereas in men, they may have urethritis and epidydimitis. These can later leads to arthritis either in both sexes. Apart from early detection and education, counselling is provided for patients who are detected. In counselling, patients are being counselled to prepare to change their behaviour such as to lessen the number of sexual partners, to lessen the frequency change in sexual partners, to inform their partners of possible infection, the practice of safe sexual activity by using condom and not sharing their sex toys with another person. Some patients go through abortion when they are contracted with Chlamydia and during these periods, counsellors are presence to provide full information about the abortion process and to ensure that the patients are confidence in getting back to their normal life.



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