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Public Speaking Abstinence

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Essay Preview: Public Speaking Abstinence

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Good morning to and my all of you here. Before I start, I would like to apologize if the things that I say today may offend you but in order to make my goals ethically sound, I have to be direct and clear.

(1) Sex has always been a sensitive issue in this country. Religions like Islamic and Christian forbids premarital sex. Both religions promote abstinence in their teachings.

(2) If we think rationally, we will find that abstinence is the only sure way to prevent diseases assoc wit sex. I stand here today with a chance to persuade all of u to practice either abstinence or safe sex as a way to prevent STDs .(3)

Before we go in depth, by the raise of hands, who here have had sexual contact? Have I gotten your attention? Who here knows what sexual abstinence is?

S.A means completely avoiding sexual contact

(4) Including intercourse,oral sex. Abst is the first method of contraception in histry. Being 100% effective, it is the only certain way of safeguarding against STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

(5) However, young ppl find it the drive or hormones and curiosity bout the opposite sex diffct 2 overcome. But with solid determination, faith & knowin ur right, S.A is something that is not impossible to do


It is advisable 4 u to practice S.A until u get married. plz note that although u are married, u should know your partner and get tested for STD. you may never know who they have been with. It is safer that way. (7) What is STD?

STDs are STDs. Yes most of you have heard it some where but have u guys actually seen the symptoms? I will show you the pictures after I explain.

There are several types of STDs. (8) Among widely spread are Syphilis and Herpes which could cause heart disease, blindness and also infant death. Others are Gonorrhea and Chlamydia which could cause Pelvic Inflammatory D. Tubal Pregnency. (Draw) (9)

Although most STDs are curable at early stage, some are not.EG: AIDS, Genital Warts. (show pic & explain)

These are the least scary pic that I could find. The reality is much more gore and horrifying.

(10) Next, Safe sex vs Safer sex?

What is safe sex? Now days safe sex means abstinence. Abstaining from sex and sexual play is the only sure method to avoid catching an STD and to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

(11) Although it may not prevent a pregnancy, having sex within a committed, monogamous, long-term relationship with someone who has tested free of any STDs is also generally considered to be safe sex.


So why isn't using condoms along with other forms of birth control known as "safe sex" anymore but as "safer sex" instead? Becoz



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