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The Power of Public Speaking

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Essay Preview: The Power of Public Speaking

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The Power Of Public Speaking

"Talk is cheap," according to an old English proverb, but proven wrong in every day life. To few, public speaking comes naturally. The ease to speak in front of large audiences and the ability to chose the right words at the right time seems as though they were born with the talent. Some benefit by taking courses through their high schools and universities, while others may spend thousands on a few hours of lessons in order to develop their ability, according to Lucas (18). As a result most Americans rank their number one fear as being the fear of public speaking.

Public speaking creates a feeling of empowerment, as one is able to communicate information to all audiences, along with the ability to influence people's attitudes and behavior and to allow one to achieve a position of leadership. Public speaking is essential to success in nearly every walk of life. The fact of searching for a job will be less stressful if an applicant has good oral communication skills, listening ability, and enthusiasm. In the workforce it is vital to have speaking skills to deliver oral reports or presentations, responding to questions, or while training new employees.



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