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Quality at Ritz Carlton Hotel Company

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Essay Preview: Quality at Ritz Carlton Hotel Company

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Quality at Ritz Carlton Hotel Company

The Ritz-Carlton has used TQM and self-directed work teams to translate their mission and strategy into an "operating" methodology by setting "gold standards. (The Ritz-Carlton, 2012) The "gold standard" includes their credo, the motto, and the three steps of service, service values, the sixth diamond and the employee promise. (The Ritz-Carlton, 2012) Their credo states "The Ritz-Carlton is a place where the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission" they ensure this credo is followed through their three step process, service values and the employee promise. The operating method that gives an experience the highest quality of service and all the guest needs are meet and offering service recovery.

Good quality is "to create a quality good or service, operations managers' need to know what the customer expects". (Heizer p. 191) I would expect a company to have competent employees who could deliver quality goods and services as well as provide quality goods and services. Having values, standards and mission statements are in my opinion essential to providing it. A manager want to provide good quality should implement Deming's 14 points of quality improvement; Create consistency of purpose, lead to promote chant, build quality products, build long term relationships, constantly improve products or services, training, leadership, remove fear, remove barriers between departments, don't criticize, support and assist, have pride in work, constantly educate and self improve and involve everyone in the transformation (Hazier p.195). The Ritz-Carlton has done it with on the job training, career advancements, education and personal growth (video).

"Quality is free" stated by Phillip Crosby, the actions that are involved to correct the lack of quality a person would receive would me more costly. It would be less costly for the Ritz Carlton to do things right the first time because giving inadequate service could ruin their reputation which could cause some one on to stay at the hotel. As well as making amends for unsatisfactory service would cost more as well, could result in the loss of a customer.

A non-financial measure of customer satisfaction at the Ritz-Carlton would be the evaluation of the quality experienced at the hotel. This would include how they are welcomed, use of the customer's name, complaints and guest expectations.

TQM tools such as control charts are used to analyze if specific processes are within expectations. Pareto diagrams are used to identify problems with the quality based on level of importance. Cause and effect diagrams are used along with flow charts to identify specific probable causes and a process on how to identify the solution for the problem. The Ritz-Carlton has used cause and affects diagrams to analyze the source of



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