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The Ritz-Carlton Essay

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The culture at The Ritz-Carlton in this case includes what is valued; the leadership style, the language and symbols, the procedures and routines, and the definitions of success that characterizes an organization. The cultures at this hotel include the recruitment practices, the intensive training programs and the employee empowerment which contributed to making it a great service company. For the recruitment practices, the management takes a strict line on recruiting the right people. If candidates have years of valuable experience but do not fit in with the strong service culture, they are simply not selected. They select talented staffs and teach them the technical part of their job. They are seeking for people who care for and respect the guests and each other. Those who have a high work ethic are detail oriented and relationships driven are the types of characteristics they seek in people. For the intensive programs, employees use "We are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen." framework for dealing with guests and with their fellow Ritz-Carlton employees. They must treat workplace colleagues with the same dignity they incorporate with guests. The Three Steps of Service call for giving the guest a warm and sincere greeting uses the guest's name when possible, anticipating and complying with guest needs, and saying a fond farewell, again using the guest's name. Empowerment" is a condition in which the employee is given the combined knowledge, skill, authority and sole decision to act within the prescribed limits. With empowerment, the employee takes responsibility for the consequences of his/her actions and for the contribution towards the success of an organization. This is a superior form of employee involvement. Here all employees of the company, regardless of position or rank, were empowered to spend up to $2,000 of the company's money to correct a problem or handle a complaint, without having to ask permission from a superior. Employees designed their jobs and participated in the decision making of the organization. Employees were rewarded in the form of cash bonus or other prizes through Employees Recognition Program. Employees were also expected to contribute to continue improvement which was called Mr.BIV (Mistake, Rework, Breakdown, Inefficiencies& Variation).There were both positive side and negative side in the organization. The culture of the organization was very good. Employees treated with respect and dignity. They gave the proper value to their employee. They motivated them in a very good manner. But the salary was not very good, not up to mark. A constant pressure was given by the supervisor as a result the employees ware under tremendous stress.



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