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Queen Elizabeth

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Elizabeth I, Was it a Golden Age?

(Elizabeth Tudor 1533-1603)

During the reign of Elizabeth I many significant events took place, over the course of this article we look at the highs and lows of this, (said to be spiffing) period. I shall begin with a timeline important events during her reign to help you.


1558- Elizabeth came to throne.

1559- One year later Mary Queen of Scots is widowed and returns to Scotland from France.

1563- Queen Elizabeth introduces 'English Poor Law', that means justice of peace are given the power to raise a 'Poor Rate' to look after the poor in each parish.

1564- William Shakespeare (he died in 1616)- Most famous English playwright and poet. The 'Globe Theatre' is built and opened in London.

1562- John Hawkins makes his 1st slave trade in Africa.

1572- Francis Drake an English explorer attacks Spanish American Harbour and later circumnavigated the world (1579) he was then knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

1576-77- Martin Frobisher explored North Atlantic and discovers Baffin Island.

1579- Francis Drake claims 'New Albion' (now California) during his voyage around the world in his ship named 'Golden Hind'.

1584- Walter Raleigh discovers Virginia (USA).

1587- Mary Queen of Scots is executed by Elizabeth for treason.

1588- The English defeated the Spanish Armada sent by Philip II of Spain who was attempting to invade England.

1598- British forces are defeated by the Irish

1600- British East India Company was recognised by Queen Elizabeth which was important in Britain's future power in India

1601- Elizabethan Poor Law charges the parishes with providing for the homeless and needy.

1603- Elizabeth dies from blood poisoning.

So was it a Golden Age?

When Elizabeth came to power 'Bloody Mary' had just died and Mary wasn't very well liked by a lot of the country. So even if Elizabeth hadn't been a very good Queen she still would have been more popular than Mary had been. Queen Elizabeth was considered clever and witty but also ruthless and calculating at times and it was said that she was extremely flirtatious and vain. She



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