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Quick Fix

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Quick Fix

Growing up in a house full of people was already difficult enough, if you add a crazy step mother and a hot headed father you will have yourself a great story. It all started when my parents would fight constantly and finally divorced when I was fourteen during my freshmen year. My dad had to pick up the pieces of his life and figure out what exactly he was going to do for the rest of his life. He decided the answer to his problems was to search for a new significant other, with this day and age the best way to do so was to hit all the dating websites to look for his new girlfriend.

After a few round-abouts with some fickle females, he finally met his match. Her name was Mary Jo and she seemed like the nicest person ever, at first that is. Everything was fine, she would bring home starbucks and new clothes for me, there was finally someone that I could talk to about girl things since my mother had never been much of a girlie girl. At the time I was living with one brother and my father. I had a lot of psychological issues from the divorce and my bipolar mother so it was good for me to have someone new to talk with plus my father seemed so much happier.

One night, we were all supposed to go to a Mary Jo's son's basketball game but her daughter got jealous that I was coming since I was spending so much time with her mom and my dad. The jealousy drove Mary Jo into her mother figure stance and she immediately began arguing with my father about why I shouldn't go with them that evening. My dad stood his ground saying that he wouldn't leave me home by myself especially since he was the person who convinced me to go. I had no idea what to do with the situation so, dumbstruck, I went back inside. My dad was quick to follow me in his decision was to not attend the game either. Of course they made up and things carried on but they continued to get worse because her daughter's jealousy grew larger, especially since she got her way when she acted that way.

Eventually ties were split between myself and Mary Jo, the tension between my father and I became unbearable. Finally I began to rebel like any normal teenager would in such that situation. I was taking blows from both my dad and Mary Jo with threats and groundings and talks about how I could possibly be bipolar just like my mom. They took me to numerous psychiatrists who deemed me depressed but definitely not bipolar. Eventually my father and Mary Jo decided that since I was being treated so poorly there it was best that I move out.

By the end of my junior year I bounced from different friends' houses until a month after graduation. At the time I was living with my boss and that was the only job I had so when they laid me off from work knowing that that was my only source of income so I had to think of something fast in order to not lose my place to stay as well. I was applying everywhere



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