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Quiet! Sleeping Brain at Work

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Essay Preview: Quiet! Sleeping Brain at Work

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"Quiet! Sleeping Brain at Work"

Sleeping is very important because it provides time for the body to process the day's information. An adequate amount of sleep contributes to individuals's memory, helping the individual by storing his or her experiences as long-term memories. Getting the required amount of sleep is very significant because sleep promotes overall well being, enabling a person to focus and be productive. Therefore,being fully rested aides preparing individuals to have an open mind set to take on daily tasks. Taking on daily task with an open mind set can with assist in setting individuals up for success and achievement. Having adequate sleep is a contributing factor to learning, retaining information, and creativity.

Since sleeping allows peoples brain to process all the things he or she has learned during the day. Individuals can retain more information after getting adequate amounts of sleep. Getting at least six hours of sleep helps improve learning. When sleep patterns are constant it provides more stability while trying to learn and retain information. Sleep helps make a memories more coherent, to exemplify irrelevant details and background information so that only the important facts remain. While individuals sleep his or her brains are able to find unseen relations among memories and solve problems he or she may be processing on while awake. Sleeping is a concealed relation among memories and solving problems being discovered.

Hence, sleeping also contributes to individuals enhancing their capability to be creative. During sleep an individual might use normal dealings and everyday experiences to create dreams. Sleep gives the brain time to heal, as it restores and repairs damaged neurons. During sleep an individual restores and rebuilds memories of the day's experiences. A good quality of sleep promotes creative problem solving for the next day. Sleep is a contributing factor in making memories for restoring and rebuilding our vanishing reveals that sleep. Getting enough sleep helps an individual to wake up feeling refreshed, sustain better moods, perform more efficiently, and accurate work. Individuals who do not get enough sleep often experience mood swings and feel more pressure in stressful situations which makes it difficult for him or her to focus and retain information.Suffering from fatigue, many individuals experience a depressed immune system, impaired attention, and/or grater vulnerability to accidents.

Finally, getting enough sleep each day helps individuals feel satisfied making him or her more productive during the course of the day. An individual who has more energy during the course of the day. It is often considered that maintaining regular sleep patterns promotes overall well being ;contributing to crativitiy, retaining and learning more information.



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