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Quitting Smoking

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Essay Preview: Quitting Smoking

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Quitting smoking

Why Quitting Smoking is so hard to do. There are factors that go with quitting both mental and physical. There are struggles to quitting smoking that go beyond just saying I am not going to smoke anymore.

Quitting Smoking

When a person make up their mind to quit smoking it is not say just saying it for some. There are physical and psychological struggles that go along with quitting smoking. There are studies that show people have withdrawal syndrome just like a drug addict does, the person may start to eat more, and if they are mentally prepared they may relapse.


Psychological effect of quitting smoking can affect a person mental state. There are thing to consider when talking about a person quitting smoking is the quitting smoking and smoking theory.

H1a: Quitting Identity has a Positive Effect on Intention to Quit Smoking and Attempts to Quit Smoking.

H1b: Smoking identity has a negative effect on intention to quit smoking and attempts to quit smoking. (Van den Putte,)


Smoking can cause many health problems, like lung damage, heart problem, Strokes and many other problems.


Quitting smoking after a person stop smoking their lung start to clear, their risk for heart attacks and strokes will decrease with a few hours.

An intrinsic -extrinsic model for quitting smoking was evaluated with two samples (ns = 1,217 and 151) of smoker that need help to stop. Intrinsic is where a person is concerned about their health and the will to control their desires. Extrinsic is done for social influences and the need for instant results. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA) A person with a higher level of intrinsic levels than extrinsic levels will be more likely to stay quit smoking than a person with a high level of extrinsic levels.

A person has to change their mind set in order for then to quit smoking and stay quit. The person has to choose healthier habits, both quit smoking and eating habits. In order for them to stay quit smoking they need to change the mindset that smoking make then cool or that it work as a nerve medication, because it does not work that way. Ways a person can stay quit smoking is to find techniques to change the bad habit, like chewing a straw or breathing exercises. There are several motivations to quit smoking, like no more breathing problem, decrease the possibility of heart attacks and strokes. Some people smoke because as children they see their parent smoking and they think it is ok they try to see what it their parent get out of it and get hooked on nicotine. It has been said that nicotine is as addictive as heroin and other strong drugs.

Nicotine is addictive it can lead to a person think that it medical effects on them that is not true it is just a mind game the drug nicotine plays with the mind. Some people can quit without help but others have to be helped to quit, when quitting smoking a person can use correctional techniques to stay quit.

Some techniques for quitting is the patch, gum or lozenges, slowing tapering off and some can do it cold turkey. A thing to try is to spread the smokes out start with one hour, three, and four, so on until you have quit. Techniques that have been show to help during



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