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Racism Case

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Racism is not about the color of your skin it's more than that now. Throughout history many people have been shunned because of racism and they were even killed because someone did not like them. One example comes to mind that everyone has learned about throughout their school career or heard story told by an older relative; what happen when Hitler killed all those Jews is a perfect example of racism. It did not matter that these poor innocent people did nothing to harm Hitler he hated them because of their beliefs that racism to have such strong hate for someone based on things they can control for instance the color of their skin, their ethnicity, or even their religion. Then slavery of African Americans is another example of racism. In history, there are so many racial issues. The reason is because of pure fear not because of the differences each person on this planet possesses.

Racism can be defined as a discrimination of a particular group of people. Racism is the belief that one particular race is superior over another that is not the case we are all people, human, we bleed, we eat, we breathe the same air, and we are all alive. The uses of racism and discrimination has been powerful weapons in this world it encourages the sense of fear and hatred of others in time of conflict and war. Racism is a difficult subject for people since no one wants to be considered races. I believe that there is good people and bad people in this world and the color of their skin, their religion, or ethnicity plays no part.

Racism happens still today look at the 9/11 tragedy. After the attack on the Twin Towers people developed a fear for Muslim and Arabs because of this horrible event. This is how racism starts with fear. Do I personally think every Muslim is bad; no. I also do not think every Arab is bad or a terrorist but I do think that bad people come in every size, shape, color and from every cultural background. People did point fingers at the Muslims and Arabs they felt animosity and hatred because of fear. America is a prime example of culture in this country there are so many races, cultures, colors; we are like a Crayola crayons box.

Racism will always exist it has for hundreds of years. The only thing that can change the views on racism is through each person in the world. No one can make you be racist it the choice you have to make and the other choice is to embrace the differences of people. I would prefer to be different than be like everyone else.



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