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Rae Anna Getschman

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Rae Anna Getschman

Week Three Apply

Part One

When I was younger we lived out in the country on 7 acres. The only times I really felt safe was when I would take our dogs and go hide all the way at the end of our property. Looking back I have no idea why that made me feel safe, I would be scared to go there now! But when I was there I felt safe, secure, like nothing in the world could get to me. It was my own world, no one could get to me, or hurt me, it was just me and mykel (my puppy). Oh, we would spend hours down there, in my imaginary world. We would be Captains in a ship one day, sailing the seven seas. To being the world's greatest adventurer! Every day after school I longed to come home and get the dogs and go play! One of our dogs, Sally, she made me feel so special. So important to her, she would have done anything to protect me. I miss those days.

Part Two

My workplace, my early childhood program, the children are laughing, smiling. The children here are anywhere from three to five years old. Rowde is walking around being a cowboy, showing the teachers his boots. The children are happy they came to school today; I personally believe the children feel safe at school. It's a, hmmm... Safe Haven? As some would call it. There are some times of chaos in the classroom. If one child has a bad day, it affects the other children in the classroom. If one screams, or shrieks, another child in the classroom might not like it, so he will shriek. The cycle continues. The children grow; soon the books & puzzles become old, too easy to do. Then again the puzzles are challenging for some of the other kids. The classroom is a bit full, but only because more and more kids are being put into the classroom.

Part Three

In my practice I would like for it to be set up very similar to how my work classroom is set up now. With areas that work on the 5 main areas in a child's life. Their physical, social, emotional, cognitive & cultural development. The adults would be majorly involved, the children need role models, and examples in their life. The children of course need interaction with each other but so do the teachers & aides. One on One time with the children would be needed. They need a bond with their teacher. Without the children won't trust the teacher enough to respect and learn from them. Just telling the children that you are proud of them makes them feel special!



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