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Rbc - Global Private Banking

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RBC - Global Private Banking (GBP)

Private Client Services

Global Private Banking is the private banking and wealth management arm of Royal Bank of

Canada with some $ 94.2 billion assets under administration. Global Private Banking has offices in 24 financial centres around the world and clients in over 150 countries making it the largest Canadian provider of international private banking services.

The prime objective of Global Private Banking is to help individuals and corporations make

the most of their wealth. They accomplish this objective through sound investment strategy,

global expertise and a range of products and services to meet the financial needs of any individual or corporation.

Their products and services can be categorized into three broad areas: International Banking, International Investment Management and Trust and Custody.

One principal advantage GBP offers its clients can be described as "local access-global

presence". It means that clients are able to enjoy seamless service and local access to

GBP's entire range of offices. This leveraging of global expertise and combining it with local

knowledge gives GBP and its clients an important edge in the world of wealth management.

Your Own Private World

Royal Bank of Canada Global Private Banking units are expressly concerned with helping

their clients to broaden their involvement in international markets and jurisdictions and

showing them how the strategic use of financial products and services outside their country

of residence could play a significant part in the following key areas of planning:

*The Preservation of Wealth

*The Security of Estate

*The Management of Investments

*The Retention of Business Interests

*The Transfer of Assets to Heirs

A World of Specialized Planning

The design of capital preservation, estate and investment plans can all benefit from the specialised analytical processes and advisory relationships extended to private clients.

RBC confers with its clients and advisors on a regular basis in order to determine how

Global Private Banking's experts can contribute, resulting in a closer understanding of their

clients situation and financial expectations.

A World of Products and Services




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