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Refining Ideas

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May 15th, 2013

Refining Ideas

There are three steps in the process of refining ideas that produce a viable solutions. The first step is to work out the details by determining exactly how a solution will be applied. The second step is to examine those details for imperfections and the third step is to make improvements that will eliminate imperfections (Ruggiero, 2009).

The original issue seen on week two was a computer malfunction. The problem is that it prevents me from completing my work on time. Many possible reasons are possible for the malfunction: it can be overload, an out- of- date computer or human error causing the malfunction. Some initial solutions can be to consult with the competition, Google the challenge presented and follow instructions on how to fix the problem, change computers every week to a new one, or completely abolish deadlines and anticipate computer damage before it happens by auto-testing the computer every 15 minutes for potential malfunctions. While doing a critical examination of best solution, these questions are to be addressed and answered:

* What exactly is to be done?

The answer is to anticipate computer damage.

* How is it to be done?

A device that alerts the user that a computer malfunction is imminent, the user can immediately click on a defense software to rescue or fix the malfunction before the work is lost, preventing the user from a stressful situation.

* By whom is it to be done?

The answer is by the IT expert chosen by the user.

* When is the action to take place and according to what timetable?

Because there is a deadline, the action is to be implemented immediately; this is to avoid unnecessary penalties, which in this case amounts to thousands of dollars.

* How will this action be financed and publicized?

The financing is already been approved by the budget committee. Only a request for approval is needed to proceed with installation.

Evaluation of the argument is part of making decisions based on solid facts for this reason it is important to do the following:

* Check for common kinds of imperfections

* Compare plans of action with competing ones

* Consider what changes the plan will produce in the existing situation

* Consider how the plan will affect others

Once the evaluation is completed a revised



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