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What a Great Idea of Returning to School

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Essay Preview: What a Great Idea of Returning to School

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"What an Great Idea of Returning to School"

"WOW" I said as I turned the volume u on the television, I real think this will help me in the future. The ones who do not know me, my name Is Dianne M. Wilks I am the mother or three and the grandmother of six and this is my essay of returning to school and a better way of seeing why I think it would be the biggest reason why I returned to school.

I returned to school because of three logical reasons Get a Career, Career Advancement and lastly Follow a Dream. I was never granted the opportunity to go back to school like I wanted and my t I money just always seemed to be out of control that's why I am reconsidering what I would like to do with my life. The thing I do every day is wake up and live life, that's not a Career but now I am ready for one, School online has never been a thought of the past but it has helped me stay on track and create my current occupation.

My Career advancement encompasses everything I do from the time I start my career until the time I retire. Advancement to me means climbing the ladder until I have reached the very top of my dream. I have always dreamed of having a degree and most importantly a career and I believe that it isn't too late to take course of something that I believe in and that I really like and believe in more deeply. The benefits of my college degree consist of getting a good paying job that I love so I can take care of myself, I have many changes in my lifestyles that are required; better living better homemaking, and better financial conditions.

One thing for sure is that I would be granted a better life and I wouldn't be living like I did in the past years. My obstacles are I do not know things I have never heard before or have not paid attention while being taught, but I'm sure that if I study and pay attention and stay focused I will learn a lot and most importantly I will overcome these down falling obstacles.

Have a plan. Every day, make a list of the school tasks you need to accomplish --reading, writing, studying, whatever -- and stick to it. When you start working set a goal for what you want to accomplish in that sitting, and visualize how good you'll feel once you do so. Setting a reasonable time limit for each of your tasks will help you avoid procrastinating, since you'll be able to focus on the task more diligently if you see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The reason I went back to school was to better myself and get off of disability and to join the work place again. And to let my grandchildren know that you are never too old to learn. And also the sky is the limit to whatever you want to do. So go for whatever you want to do so study hard so that you can become whatever you want to be.



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