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Reflect on Some Aspects of Your Own Personal Talk (idiolect)

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Essay Preview: Reflect on Some Aspects of Your Own Personal Talk (idiolect)

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"Reflect on some aspects of your own personal talk (idiolect)

Including perhaps some criticisms

Made of it by adults"

Whilst completing this project on spoken language, I discovered aspects of my own personal speech (also known as idiolect) and the variation between people's language due to their culture and environment.

As a teenager myself I feel that the media has played a strong part in the influence of young teenagers, especially by the internet and TV.

Often slang from the internet is used for example words like "OMG, peng, lol, fam, convo and buzzed" these words are commonly used on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and MSN messenger; slang like this is becoming a vast growing trend with the click of a button a new word can be made and used by thousands of teenagers all over England.

TV is also a big influence on teenagers it is portrayed in American programmes such as family guy; ugly Betty and glee these particularly use slang words like "shawty and dude".

Subsequently many adults find it hard to basically understand what we are saying, misinterpretation often happens as a result of slang words having double meanings which can lead to awkward and misleading conversations with the elder generation which also can generate ill feeling and therefore think to be disrespectful.

Although I may use slang while conversing with my friends I tend not to use it while speaking to someone older then me as it is seen as respect to speak to an adult in a formal and sometimes sincere attitude whereas while speaking to someone of my own age I often use different styles of slang that would not be acceptable if I was to talk my parents, this type of speech is casual talk which comes naturally and is carried out between me and my friends; talking to an adult or an older person would not be the same style as it would be a more formal tone.

To complete the project a took a conversation with one of my friends and recorded a transcript of how I would normally speak, based on my transcript I

found that I used quite a lot of slang for instance lingo such as "omg, dem" and also I started to see that a was repeating words like "like" quite often; in addition to this I discovered that while talking about something I tended to go over things in detail which I had failed to notice beforehand.

My speech and attitude during the transcript gave the notion that I was feeling happy and content, hence the fact I was with somebody I knew well and someone who had spoken to on a daily basis; Then again if I had been speaking to an older person or a person who I did not know it would have been spoken in a much more formal tone excluding slang and fillers such as "ummm and hmmm".




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