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Personal Reflection

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During my journey of self analysis I find examining myself is quite complex and requires attention to areas that I haven't attended detailed thoughts to and to confront mistakes, weakness and failures and acknowledge my transgressions and actions.

My inadequacy is portrayed in my lack of personal motivational management although there are external factors that contribute to my cognitive thinking process, I will elaborate and the puzzle will eventually fit into the mainframe. One week prior to commencing on the Osteopathy course I was unfortunate to fracture and dislocate my elbow with a radial head replacement.

I would like to point out the initial negative impact that this has made, yet also the great revelation it has brought and the multiple complexities that unravelled due to this event. I work as a Personal trainer and tri-athlete and have a keen interest in corrective and rehabilitation training and helping people, however prior to this injury I never really considered the psychosocial consequences and all the other external factors that would contribute to a patient's wellbeing.

People tend to always show sympathy or empathy but truly can't relate to the extent of the true injury; now reflecting back to this trauma and based on how I felt I realised how patients would go through similar developing sequences or stages emotionally, physically and psychologically and how it would affect their quality of life, an injury is a personal experience hence I write true because there are diverse ways in how we perceive and manage our own injuries and can result in more than just the physical trauma you witness.

There are many form of distress that manifest itself, as a fitness professional I felt my skill performance would lack therefore this causing a lack of confidence at work in my skill but also in my ability as a student in training technique lectures, I still experience a lot of restrictions in certain techniques and frustratingly I can't perform due to decreased muscle function and restrictions ;these environmental factors also significantly contribute to the altered mood swings patients can have and the uncertainty of a full recovery and possibly the restrictions it might hold in the future .



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