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Reflection Paper Week 9

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Essay Preview: Reflection Paper Week 9

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Reflection Paper Week # 9

I have never understood why people are so resistant to change, change never bothered me; I guess that might be due to the fact that I moved around a lot as a child, at the most I spent four years in the same city or neighborhood. This meant new schools, new friends, and sometimes meant a new me; I did not like it at first but quickly grew used to change. When I was in college all of my business professor told be prepared to switch jobs three to four times in your first couple of years work; they stress that I should not be afraid to change my place of employment if you are unhappy. Early on in my career that was what I did, as soon as there was something about my job that I did not like or if I got bored I would leave. I found out the hard way that hiring managers were weary of hiring someone that change jobs as often as I did early on in my career. Eventually I decided that instead of leaving a job when I was unhappy, I needed to work to change my working conditions from the inside.

What I have seen at work is that people have an irrational aversion to change. For many the idea of change means something bad is about going happen, so they resist every change that is implemented without investigating the impact or motive for the change. That is not say that some of their fears are not without merit. A couple of years ago we switched our compensation plan, management sold it as this great new change, which "could" lead to representatives making more money because the bonus max was increased. Most people were thrilled with idea of increased earning potential. A few select, sales representative were very angry about the change to the compensation plan because the understood that the true motive, for the change was to increase production and actually decrease the total departmental compensation that was paid every month.

This was accomplished by increasing the goals and the levels at which people would receive their bonus. This meant fewer people in the department would be able to max out their compensation, and people would have to work harder to make the same amount of money that they did before. So in this instance change was bad for the workers but good for their company. In other company's change is what helps them survive and thrive.

That is thing about change about it a be great for a company because it could me innovation,



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