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Reflection Paper

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The processes of learning are many, but the need for learning is always critical. Learning though critical, varies from person to person. It is imperative for one to learn the styles that he or she comprehends and apply it. Learning styles is defined as the composite of characteristic cognitive, affective, and physiological factors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how a learner perceives, interacts with, and responds to the learning environment (Keefe, 1979). It is through this process that each person retains, comprehends and utilizes the input of data that they have received. Thus learning is relative to the presenter as well as the person receiving what is being presented.

For some, learning is an inherited gift. Individuals are born with skills and abilities that would only enhance or cause a breakdown in the material presented by others. As a graduate student, working full-time alongside of being married and with a family, learning sometimes is a challenge. I am very sure that my beliefs and studying methods while yet in a structured manner are sometimes not enough to make the mark. I was raised in an environment where my parents instilled in me the value of understanding. Some people I grew up with in school are yet allowing circumstances of life to predict the outcome of their life. For a kid growing up in the city of East St Louis, the pressures were even stronger, and the odds were more against than for me to accomplish as much as I did and have to the present day.

The Graduate Management Cluster has been quite a learning experience for me versus other courses that I have taken from Lindenwood. Personally, the instructor (Mr. Seibold) is an excellent professor; however the course work in most cases was not in line with the comprehensive lecture tests that were administered. I obtained a great wealth of knowledge through Mr. Seibold, in this class my writing abilities has been enhanced through the enormous amount of papers that were due over in this colloquia. At the very beginning of this course I felt as though the instructor conveyed the most relevant information; however, the information at times was overload and retention of the lecture was somewhat difficult upon recollection.

Various methods that I used to prepare me for the exams went great during the study period, but upon receipt of the information presented on the test left me feeling as though I missed class or I did not study, fact of the matter is I studied and never missed a class. Another problem that I found in this course layout, quizzes should have been the foundation for test. Under no circumstances did I see it as a fair blow for us to be lectured on an entire book and tested comprehensively on that book and then we move on to the next book and many are yet confused. My rationale as to using the word "confused" comes from the scores received by myself as well as others in



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