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Relating to Everything That Rises Must Converge.

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Essay Preview: Relating to Everything That Rises Must Converge.

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Relating to, Everything that Rises Must Converge.

In "Everything That Rises Must Converge" by O'Connor, the main point of this story was Julian trying to make his mother change her ways because she was raised by a family who was wealthy and looked down to people who weren't as wealthy as her family. Julian was trying to change his mother ways because nobody is better than nobody. Thinking of how Julian was trying to change his mother made me think of when I was trying to change my friend ways. My friend John that went to the same high school as me and lived in the same neighborhood as me and he would brag about how he was so rich and how he looked down to people who wasn't as wealthy as his parents were. A lot of people disliked him because of his cockiness but he didn't care because he thought that they were just jealous of him.

He would go to school with some nice Nike shoes, and the new Ralph Lauren shirts, and make fun of people who couldn't afford to dress like he could. I told him multiple times that he should stop talking about people because something bad could happen to him and he may need people help but they will not help him because he talks so much about them. He simply told me, "Yea right, why would I need help from them? I will never need help from other people. I have my parents for that if I need help". I told him that he better knock on wood because he probably jinx his self. John would just ignore me when I would tell him situations like that.

One day when John and I were getting off the bus, we seen a lot of police cars at his house and John looked so frightening and so concerned about what was going on. As we went closer to the scene, we found out that John, and his family was robbed for just about everything they had. In the back of my head, I was thinking that the person who robbed him was somebody that John was bragging to about how wealthy he is. The cops had no idea he robbed the house, nor did John and his family. When John and I walked into the house, the whole house was empty, everything was gone or either destroyed. I overheard John's father crying about how is he going to pay for all of the damage and how was he going to replace everything. I felt bad for them but there was nothing I could do and John was very depressed. I told him that he can come over my house for a little while until the cops left so on the way to my house he did not say any words. When we got to my house, John said, "I should have never been so mean to people who weren't as wealthy as me because from what my dad was saying, I might be moving an apartment because that's all he can afford. I will never talk down to anybody anymore, I learned my lesson". I agreed with him and I told him, "Hopefully the policemen will be able to replace your missing items, and you will be able to move back in the neighborhood". I



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