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Religion Case

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So I lie here looking on Google for informatrion on the human dark-side trying not to correct my spelling as I typr, (I recently read it stifles creartivity, giving great advantage to the writer who uses a pen/pencil and paper which make me wonder, but then hand-written words don't automatically call attention to your recent inadequacy).

Back to the dark-side, non-StarWars, though I do enjoy it and maybe it has some relevance here I am writing about evil, no not evil that has religious connotations and religion has no place in my world. I have, from time to time, dark thoughts. Nothing too sinister but, (an aside here, I can't help but think that anyone seeing this will be reaching for a 999 call; let me assure I'm not about to go ballistic, perhaps a little about me would put your worried mind at rest):

I am a happy 30-odd year old, loving girlfriend, sometimes loving cat, great job, lovely car, loving parents, (all three of them), suffice to say I would be proud at any reunion I would have the misfortune to attend.

Anyway, enough.

The reason for the text above and below is dark thoughts. Really dark thoughts. I have a terrible sense of humour. Awful; no joke too harsh, Frankie Boyle is my level, all I can say is that if I was religious purgatory would be a cocktail bar and hell a strip-club. Why? What makes me go to the London dungeon and think up better tortures, howl at bad sports injuries on youtube and on and on and etc and etc. Be happy people I have just emailed a therapist to see if I'm human or just a sick human....

Peace out



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