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Religion and Science

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Religion and Science

For many years scientists, the church, and common citizens have been arguing over the issues of science and religion and how they mix. The church teaches that there is an almighty God who created our universe, and created humans in the image and likeness of him. On the other hand some scientist and philosophers have had opposing views of the church's, such as how the world was created and if there really is an Almighty God. This issue has raised many questions on the subject of science and religion such as is there any relation between science and religion, does anything in science prove or disprove God, and if you do believe in God how are you suppose to respond the church's view point.

One of the many questions that have been argued about over the years regarding religion and science is that the two are related in anyway. Even though science and religion have very different view points on things, such as God and how the universe came about, it does not mean that there is no relation between them. I feel that for both science and religion you have to have faith in something. Neither science nor the church can prove how the universe was created, but both have strong faith that what they believe in is true. Also without religion, there may have never even been such a thing called science. Like we learned in class science was pursued to

show the glory and wisdom of the creator. Some people even argue today that the basis for the scientific method was theological. Robert Clark, who happens to be a scientist even states that without Christianity science may have never developed. This is why I feel there is a major relationship between science and religion, even though their view to oppose each other sometimes.

Another question that is often discuses is whether there is anything in science that can prove or disprove God. My feelings on this are that there is nothing in science that can either prove or disprove God. Science has a few different views on how the universe was created none of which agree with the church's teachings of the creation story in Genius. Although science may claim that God did not create our universe there is no way of knowing if that is 100% true or not. In fact there is no concrete evidence for both sides, each requires that you have faith and believe what they tell you. Even though I am Catholic and believe in God I have no way of knowing that God is real because there is no concrete evidence that proves his existence. In order for something to be proven fact there has to be concrete evidence, and there was no one around at to see the universe being created therefore science cannot for sure prove or disprove anything regarding God or the creation story.

Also as a Catholic I often wonder what I should do with the teachings that science provides. Even though I believe in the church's teachings the



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