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Religious Pluralism

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Religious Pluralism

The Order of the Solar Temple and Heaven's Gate both ended in mass suicide.


What does the term orthodoxy mean?

Right belief

Which of the following religions recognizes in the most explicit way that there are different religious paths for different people?


Virtually all of the world's religions, to one degree or another, are female-dominated.


Today Baha'is seek to reveal the oneness of all religions, arguing that God is gradually revealing God's will through the great teachers of all religions


Some religions emphasize orthodoxy while other religions emphasize orthopraxis


How might a practitioner of an ethnic religion view a practitioner of a universal religion?

As arrogant in their view that their religion is the right one for everyone.

A religion that offers teachings or practices considered heretical by a mainstream religion used to be (and sometimes still is) called a


Many neopagans believe that the central deity of the universe is

A great goddess

Some new religions, such as Theosophy and Baha'i, are ethnic religions that seek to bring many different religious traditions together.


Rastafarianism began in


Rastafarianism is notable for its ritualistic use of


Ethnic religions

do not usually try to spread their faith to others.

The so-called "New Age Movement" mixes together many occult traditions


The United States FBI became concerned about the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas because they were a Christian cult


Many nature religions describe themselves as

All of these

Which of the following religions sees



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