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Remember the Titans

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in remember the was bout a football team that was battling the racial started at tc williams high school were everything was going good until african americans started coming into town and taking over everything...when they went to football camp they had to sit on the bus with someone of different race and also had to room with that person.As well as get to know them and the background...on homecoming birteir wantd julius to go out on the town with him and julius said no, because he wasnt to hang with his girl that gary birtier was leaving he was looking at all the people standing on the sidewalk and was waving at them...when he looked up..he had pulled into the path of an oncoming truck..and the truck sideswiped him...he was taking to the hospital.that is the whole team came to gather to pay for respect for gary..julius the walked in and broke down in tears to garys mom saying how can this happen..i should have been with him...later that week they played for the championship game, with gary watching in is hospital bed...that night they won the first championship game... later on gary passed away..and that is what brought them back together for the funeral where everyone payed there respect for him..and coach yoast lost his hall a fame award because of coach boone who came in and took over the football yoast was defensive coordnator..during the season they had a quarterback from the sunshine state come to town named ronnie bass...we was the back up...until there starting quarterback broke his wrist, and couldnt play the rest of the season...he came in and led them to the championship game...all the girls droiled about him in the halls and everywhere he went...thewhites took the blacks to a bar and they wouldnt let them in because they said they were full...



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