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The Titanic - Personal Experience

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As I, a new mother, aboard the great Titanic to vist grandma and grandpaa. I am amazed at how decrotive the ship is. There is sparkling chandiliers. grand staircases, walls with beautiful angels carved in and fantastic luxirous bedrooms. The dining room is quilted with flowers. My husband, my daughter and I are sailing first class. As our days go by they keep getting betterand better. The food, service and luxury kept getting faster and better. Until, one night I was eatign a fine dinner of broccili cheese soup and crackers, a man was furious with his room. No one knew why. The next morning was wonderful, sun shining, and a warm smell of oatmeal baking in the kitchen. I dressed myself and my daughter. My husband however, was probablly helping in the boiler room. MY daughter and I headed to the dining room and grabbed some breakfast of oatmeal, cinnamon rolls and I had a bubbling cup of coffee which tickled my throat as i swallowed. We then came to the front deck and watched the waters roar by.

With the sun shining over the peaceful, sparkling ocean it looked as if we were in heaven. We stayed and fantisized for a while and as the wind blew our hair back my daughter giggled. We were soon joined by my husband, who had brought a sweet smelling boquet of flowers. He had asked us for a dance too. It was the best moments of my life, my loving husvand, beautiful daughter and i all aboard a big luxurious ship slow dancing in "heaven".

Then suddenly we were jolted back, what just happened? Below us I could hear yelling. I hadn't yet noticed it had been dark. More and more screams progressed. I grabbed my baby girl as my husband practically dragged me into the crowd. Everyone was yelling, screaming, and panicing. I didn't know what was going on until i heard a loud voice say " Women and Children first were going down!".

I paniced, what if we died, what if i had lost my huband or little baby? My husband dragged us and forced us on a life boat. I tryed to deny it but he just gave us kisses goodbye and disapered in the crowd. As our lifeboat lowered into the water i could feel the cold tears roll silently down my cheeks. Was I going to see him again? Were me and my daughter going to survive? As they lowered the last of the lifeboats, the great ship was getting closer and closer to being pointing upward. Time passed with more and more tears and the great ship disapper in the black darkness that was once a sparkling ocean.

I didn't see my husband on any of the lifeboats and i worried, then i looked down at my precious baby sleeping peacfully. She never will really know her Daddy, but she'll have her Mommy who knows the pain she'll go through. As I watched the last of the beautiful ship sink I knew that I had a very painful and regretful life ahead of me. I am Valerie Roberts and I am a surviver of the great Titanic.



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