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Report Provides an Analysis and Evaluation of the Current Three Accidents That Occurred at the Plant in 2012

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Essay Preview: Report Provides an Analysis and Evaluation of the Current Three Accidents That Occurred at the Plant in 2012

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This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current three accidents that occurred at the plant in 2012. Methods of analysis include examining why these accidents occurred, how to keep them from happening and comparing the frequency of accidents in machinery manufacturing in Florida and across the whole country.

Results of all data analyzed demonstrate that some employees ignored safety, removed safeguards from machines and equipment, and that there was a potential safety hazard that was never corrected. Frequency of Dedbolt accidents compared to accidents in manufacturing industry in the country are

Recommendations to lower accidents rates are to educate employees more on the factor of safety, put safety measures into locations that could be possibly potentially dangerous to its employees and, appoint a permanent safety specialist whose main job is to ensure and promote safety on the job.

The first accident occurred on 17 February, 2012. Guy Hernandez removed the safety guard in order to get a large order of machine parts completed faster. His shirt sleeve got caught in the machinery and his right arm was severely disfigured. Guy Hernandez removed the safety guard of the machine which is the cause of the accident. He thought by removing the safeguard he would complete the work faster.

To avoid this accident from occurring again, the company should put into place a comprehensive safety policy, which clearly states the measures a company will take if any one of the policies are to be breached. The company should provide sufficient training and enforce the importance of safety. Safety procedures such as inspections are to be given sufficient attention.

The second accident occurred on 9 April, 2012. Mary Jo Jamison was moving large boxes of files in the administrative office when she got distracted by a phone, and dropped one of the large boxes onto her left foot. She broke several bones in her first and second toe.

The reason why this accident occurred is because Mary Jo Jamison was using her hands to carry large and heavy boxes. The only way this accident would not have occurred is if Mary Jo Jamison had used a hand truck to move the large boxes of files.

The company should provide employees with all necessary equipment required to promote safety within a workplace. Safety procedures should be enforced and to educate employees on using certain equipment to protect themselves from minor safety accidents.

The third accident occurred on 22 June, 2012. Bobby Katz slipped on the metal rungs of the utility stairs, cracked his tailbone and bruised his lower back.



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