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Final Report - Psychological Evaluation

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Initial Assessment

Name: Rhonda Blue

Address: 1234 Storybrook Lane Baltimore, MD 21215

Date of Birth: December 14, 1974 Age: 34

Marital Status: Married

Date of Assessment: November 27, 2011

Reason for Referral

Mrs. Blue was referred for a psychological evaluation by her husband for the following reasons. He states that Mrs. Rhonda Blue has been spending money excessively on the same items which are alcohol and drugs. Mrs. Rhonda Blue has been drinking alcohol and ingesting ecstasy pills. He has also noticed that she has joined this new "swingers" group (people who swap partners, they may or may not get tested for STD's and HIV). Mr. Blue also states that every week, Mrs. Rhonda Blue has several flights of ideas that are not thought out, business and personal. He states that his wife is easily distracted and has not been sleeping much. He claims that she has reduced her sleep to 3 hours at night. He also states that he finds his wife talking to herself.

Evaluation Instruments

Wechsler's Adult Intelligence scale; Projective Personality test, sentence completion; Educational Assessment, Woodcock Johnson; Medical History, self report; Family interview with the husband; Family History

Family History

Rhonda Blue is one of two children. Her older brother passed away as a result of a fatal car accident when she was 15. As a child she lived in El Paso, Texas until she was 15. Her parents then relocated to Baltimore, MD. Mrs. Rhonda Blue married at the age of 21. Shortly after being married Mrs. Blue and her spouse moved to Tampa, Florida where they lived for about 5 years. They then moved back to Baltimore, MD due to Mrs. Rhonda Blue's father illness. Mr. Blue and Rhonda Blue do not have any children. Mrs. Rhonda Blue has been pregnant two times both resulting in a miscarriage. Mrs. Rhonda Blue disclosed that she has graduated from college with a BS degree in Economics last year.

Medical History

Mrs. Rhonda Blue has self disclosed that she has had all of her childhood vaccinations, measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox. Mrs. Rhonda Blue states that she has recently had a Tuberculosis test for her job, which came back negative. She also states that she has never had meningitis. Mrs. Blue states that she had suffered a major head injury and was in a coma for 6 months due to a severe car accident when she was 15.

Behavioral Observation

Mrs. Blue arrived on time with her husband. Mrs. Rhonda Blue was dressed appropriately for the weather, however, she over accessorized; Mrs. Blue had on three pairs of socks, both arms were filled with bangles, several necklaces, two scarves, and two pair of extremely large earrings. Mrs. Blue also had on an excessive amount of perfume. Mrs. Blue had a pleasant attitude. She smiled a lot during the assessment. Mrs. Rhonda Blue did not have a problem expressing herself; however she had a difficult time understanding many of the things I stated to her. She often asked me to restate or repeat questions.

Educational Assessment (Woodcock Johnson)

Mrs. Blue came into my office today so that she can take the Educational Assessment test (Woodcock Johnson). The following are her results.

Reading 16 Reading Composition 16

Word Attack 12 Word Identification 16

Math Application 15 Math Computation 14

Spelling 16

Over all grade level: 16

During the educational assessment Mrs. Rhonda Blue appeared to be easily distracted yet she tried to stay on task. She showed signs of frustrations by growling, rolling her eyes, and clenching her teeth during the word attack portion of the test. Her weakness appears to be word attack.

Psychological Assessment (Wechsler's Intelligence test)

Mrs. Blue came into my office today so that she can take the Psychological Assessment test (Wechsler's intelligent test). The following are her results.

Verbal Performance

Information 14 Picture Completion 12

Similarities 13 Picture Arrangement 11

Vocabulary 14 Block Design 11

Comprehension 13 Digit Symbol 11

Digit Span 12 Matrix Reasoning 11

Arithmetic 13

Verbal IQ 98 Performance IQ 101

Over All IQ 99

Mrs. Blue came to my office for a psychological assessment for intelligent skill. At times, Mrs. Rhonda Blue showed some difficulties with concentrating but was able to remain on task. According to the test scores, Mrs. Rhonda Blue scored a 99 overall which is within average range.

Family Interview

Mr. Blue, Mrs. Rhonda Blue's spouse, came into my office to complete a family interview. The following are the questions and answers.

Question: How long have these behaviors been going on?

Answer: Roughly for about 9 months.

Question: What are the items that Mrs. Blue spends money on excessively?

Answer: Alcohol and ecstasy pills.

Question: How often does Mrs. Blue engage in these sexual behaviors?

Answer: They are becoming more and more frequent. At first it was once a week. Within the last 6 months she has been going about 4-6 times a week.

Question: Does she consume alcohol and ecstasy pills during these activities?

Answer: Yes

Question: How often does she talk to herself?

Answer: Quite often. Usually it is after she has engaged in one of her sexual activities.

Question: What kinds of ideas has Mrs. Blue had pertaining to business and finance?

Answer: Well every



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