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Report of the Benefits of Using Home Automation System

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Essay Preview: Report of the Benefits of Using Home Automation System

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Report of the benefits of using home automation system


In order to have a more safe and comfortable environment, it has been suggested that home automation systems (HAS) could be installed in our office. The purpose of this report is to explain the benefit and describes the basic function of the home automation systems.


A magazine was studied and a research about Samsonite SNT-10 was conducted and a Home Automation System was researched. The information are collated and compiled


Regarding to information extracted from Engineering World Magazine, a home automation system comprises wireless remote control. It allows users to enjoy remote access of home electronic devices such as Television, Air conditioner with radio wave signals. Furthermore, it could be used as a door access controller for controlling digital door lock and image recording system. Lastly, there is one more function is Intrusion Detector, it can alert users to intruders and it will call fire station or security room with infrared signals if any incidents were occurred.

According to Rick Delgado’s Top 10 Benefits of Automating Your Home, the system could add safety through appliance and lighting control, increases safety awareness through security cameras, saves time due to automatic work but not manual work.

According to the research results from Ir. Peter Howard, Samsonite SNT-10 has a variety of advantages. First of all,SNT-10 use slim 8” color TFT touch screen, a small touch screen which fits our aim to make our customers convenient. Secondly, due to Samsonite SNT-10 can operate with iPad, iPhone and computer interface within Wi-Fi Network, which is user-friendly and comfortable. Thirdly, Samsonite SNT-10 connect up to 6 extra sub-stations and 6 CCTVs, it is a high-security burglar alarm system because all of the corners were covered in the house.

Lastly, it is found that Samsonite SNT-10 have technical support with 24-hour live-chat support within smartphone apps.

However, the problem of the system is that the intrusion detector is too sensitive so it will have accidental triggering and the user will feel a bit uncomfortable. Moreover, the price of SNT-10 is 5 percent higher than market average. As a result, this system is best for our new residential property.


Based on the findings, we can come to the following conclusions.

Home automation systems are effective in attracting more buyers.

It is the most common in residential property because they are user-friendly, with a high-security



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