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Report on the Recruitment and Selection Process of Al Zayani Investments

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Essay Preview: Report on the Recruitment and Selection Process of Al Zayani Investments

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Report on the recruitment and selection process of Al Zayani investments

Background and profile

 Al Zayani Investments is a leading private-sector industrial conglomerate in Bahrain. Al Zayani Investments stands out amongst the most profitable entities in Bahrain. Al Zayani Investments endeavors to work in association with the Government for advancing feasible advancement in the motor industry, environment protection, and employment-generation and poverty reduction. Al Zayani Investments has a specific focus on the motor industry, urban housing, vehicle leasing, and other business endeavors. This assignment has point by point details about their countrywide planning recruitment and selection process which stands out amongst the most key elements of Human resources management. The assignments key topics dealt are the Introduction, which involves the research problem, scope and objective of the study, methodology and limitations of the study. It also portrays Company outline which incorporates historical background, its goals and projects.

This assignment additionally clarifies the enlistment recruitment and selection process of Al Zayani Investments. This is the primary part of this report. This part depicts organization's overall countrywide recruitment and selection process. We brought up some particular discoveries and proposed them a few suggestions.


Human Resource Department arguably performs the most important task of recruiting the right personnel for the right job and it is not only responsible for recruiting personnel that are required by the company, but also for the training that may be needed to develop the employees. Human Resources Management department plays a vital role to any organization’s success. Now a day, Manpower is considered as a valuable part for the efficient productivity of an organization. But it is very tough & challenging job for efficiently dealing with various manpower. Human Resource Department does this challenging job for every organization through its regular and innovative HR activities. In This paper, we have tried to trace out one of the functions of HR i.e. Recruitment and Selection procedure of Al Zayani Investments and tried to identify problem facing by them in terms of Recruitment and Selection Process.

History of the organization

Established in 1977, Al Zayani Investments is a dynamic company with a proven track record. It derives its strength from its local solid foundation, and its worldwide network of contacts.

Involved in diversified industries such as automotive, health care, manufacturing, real estates and service, the company is expanding on constant basis. Its strategy is dedicated to expand and excel, with a global vision. It employs state of the art technologies to ensure an international competitive edge and stands ready for all future challenges.

The Group's Efforts Seek:

  • Create affordable housing (developed land & homes) for people.
  • Foster better living environments and pleasant surroundings.
  • Ensure environmental balance and sustainability.
  • Use re-cycled raw material in industrial production.
  • Treat industrial effluents.
  • Provide efficient and affordable vehicles.
  • Develop a meaningful partnership with others for development.
  • Provide better working conditions for its staff members at Al Zayani Investments the group works in close partnership with the Government of Bahrain, other private sector companies, multilateral institutions, the environment department, and myriad financial institutions. Al Zayani Investments has its headquarters in Diplomatic area, Manama, Bahrain. Its Chairman and a Board of Directors frame the Group’s policies. The Managing Director acts as the Chief Executive Officer.

Objective of the assignment

  • To present an overview of Recruitment and Selection activities of Al Zayani Investments.
  • To identify the problems faced by Al Zayani Investments  in case of recruitment and selection process
  • Solution and suggest remedial measures.

Limitation of the study

HR strategies are a standout amongst the most watched privileged insights of a business organization. I couldn't get through details about Recruitment and selection procedures of Al Zayani Investments since it was classified.

Recruitments Process of Al Zayani Investments

As we know, Recruitment is the procedure of finding potential contender for real or foreseen hierarchical opportunities. It is a procedure of finding the general population for empty posts which includes recruitment planning, work analysis and coordinating in the middle of supply and demand of HR.

The requirements for human resources

  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • The ability to see the big picture while delivering on day-to-day goals.
  • A real interest in how people drive business.
  • The strength and integrity to take tough decisions.
  • An interest in coaching and developing people
  • Culture/Strategic Awareness

  Forms of recruitment:

  1. Centralized forms of recruitment:

The recruitment practices of an organization are centralized when the HR / recruitment department at the head office performs all functions of recruitment. Benefits of the centralized form of recruitment are:

  • Reduces administration costs
  • Better utilization of specialists
  • Uniformity in recruitment
  • Interchangeability of staff 
  • Every department sends requisitions for recruitment to their central office

ii.Decentralized forms of recruitment:

Decentralized recruitment practices are most commonly seen in the case of multinationals operating indifferent and diverse business areas. As Al Zayani Investments has its own HR department it uses Centralized forms of recruitment in their recruitment process.

 Source of recruitment:

Employment opportunities can be filled internally or externally by the HR office. At the point when employment opportunities can't be filled inside the HR division fill it from outer sources, i.e. from paper Ads, work office, educational institutions and so forth.

Selection process of Al Zayani Investments

Selection is the procedure of getting data for the reasons for assessing and choosing who ought to be employed specifically jobs. There is a fundamental qualification in the middle of recruitment and selection.



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