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Research Methods Paper

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Research Methods Paper

Nina Elison


June 1, 2015

Vanessa Byrd

Research Methods Paper

This paper will discuss the scientific method, quantitative and qualitative research. Key points of the paper will highlight the differences and the similarities of each along with how these methods of research impact or are applied human services. In this paper I will also give two articles that demonstrate the importance of these methods to the human services field.

                                Scientific Method

The scientific method is principles and procedures for the methodical pursuit of knowledge involving the identification and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the devising and testing of hypothesis (Webster’s,2015).

In human services no matter what special field one is in the need for research is paramount. Research is what gives the professional a way of helping and guiding the client. So research methods are extremely important as well. Now the scientific method is used in human services research in the following example. If there is a high number or a surge in rape cases the only way to know that there has been a surge is to collect data and compare it by doing this you are testing a hypothesis and therefore using the scientific method. Most of our knowledge about current and past statics regarding human services and certain populations came from the scientific method.  The steps to the scientific method are very simple first you ask a question then you do background research next would be to construct a hypothesis next you would test your hypothesis by doing an experiment then you would analyze the data and draw a conclusion the last step would be to reveal your results (, 2015).

                                Article Review

In article titled “The research agenda for improving health policy, systems performance, and service delivery for tuberculosis control: A WHO perspective” the authors go over the issues that faced the WHO’s DOT. In 1995 WHO’s DOT strategy was developed to help control tuberculosis (TB) it also led to the expansion, adaption and improvement of research (Nunn, P., Harries, A., Godfrey-Faussett, P., Gupta, R., 2015). The small studies were concerned with health policy and needs of the health systems. The results were put into practices by the National TB control. In 1998 however an ad hoc committee identified many different issues that habited the expansion of the DOT like poor financial support TB control and poor organization of health and management services (Nunn, P., Harries, A., Godfrey-Faussett, P., Gupta, R., 2015). The article also offers an analysis of current operational research based of the previous constraint of the WHO DOT strategy (Nunn, P., Harries, A., Godfrey-Faussett, P., Gupta, R., 2015).

 As we have found sound, solid research can help met a great many needs of a human services professional. For a services manger the right research can give the person a direction to lead employees and clients. It gives a reference of things one many have not come across. It can also help predict trends in care what has shown to work.

                        Quantitative and Qualitative Research

First of these two methods is quantitative research is the investigation of observable phenomena with statistical, mathematical or computational techniques( Webster’s ,2015).Then there is qualitative research which is applied in social services often, involves investigation with questions, heavy details and interviews( webster’s,2015).They have some very basic similarities which are investigation you are looking for an answer to a question or to solve a problem. Their difference are greater one is very facts and figures number based one could say maybe even matter of fact and the other is more a person questions and details. They both play a large role in the scientific method, quantitative research helps with your actual data and qualitative research helps you investigate the questions that intimal start the scientific method.



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