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Research Proposal - a Video Resume

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Essay Preview: Research Proposal - a Video Resume

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A video resume is a tool for job seekers to present their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume. The video resume provides prospective employers to see, hear and get a feel for how the applicant presents themselves. Today's society is extremely visual so the fame of video resumes have been increasing in today's business world. Thus, video resumes are now being widely accepted by companies throughout the world for varying professions.

On the other hand, there has been much debate in the usefulness of video resumes. Some employers perceive that a video alone does not provide an employer sufficient information about a candidate to make a pertinent evaluation of the applicant's potential and more importantly skills. Moreover, video resume can lead racial, gender discrimination for the need of objectivity.

In sum, in this research we try to point out the effect of video resume on recruitment.

Research question

Our research question is: What is the effect of video resumes on job applications. In order to analyse the research question, it would be beneficial to determine the independent variables which play a crucial role in the recruitment of potential candidates. Educational background is taken as a respresantation of candidates' intellectual capital. Job experience is also very important point that employers pay attention because experience will allow employees to develop their skills and broaden their opportunities. Furthermore, gender and ethinicty variables are taken as independent variables because in the case of video resume employers can be biased in terms of canditates' visaul appearance.

In order to assess this research question succesfully we need to consider the following variables:

 Educational background: The higher the educational background the higher the employability.

 Job experience: The more experience the more likely to be employed

 Gender: Gender discrimination towards women

 Ethnicity: Employers might be reluctant to hire minority groups


Out of 500 unemployed preselected by UWV we take a sample of 150 people that will be allowed to make a video resume. Instead of the 150 selected by the UWV that are highly motivated we suggest to select the proportion sample based on the previous cited variables. Our motivation is that there might be a bias on how the UWV selected the sample and therefore there would be no fair representation. For example if 50% has only a bachelor degree our sample should refelct that and therefore 75 people should have a bachelor degree in the sample.

The sample will be distributed in the following classes. Our first variable, educational background will be subdivided in the following classes:

 Only primary school

 Only secondary school

 Professional training (MBO)

 Bachelor Degree

 Master Degree or higher

Then we select the sample based on the variable of job experience

 0-2 years resembling people just getting started on the job market

 2-5 years resembling young professionals

 5-10 years resembling

 10-15 years

 15-20



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