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Marketing Research Proposal

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Sporting Attendance


Statement of Purpose

After conducting our research, we hope to find factors that will increase attendance at CCSU sporting events. We want to find ways to promote the games to students and faculty and to increase commuter attendance at these events.


This topic is of interest to us because one of our group members is a CCSU athlete and they are interested in why people do not attend their games. The rest of our group is composed of commuters who do not attend CCSU sporting events. They are interested in why they haven't gone to any games, why other students don't attend, and what we can do to increase attendance.


This topic is worth considering because it is something that the CCSU athletic department is already working on, so we could contribute our findings to their research. One of the new perspectives we will bring to this topic is how to get commuters to attend sporting events. We hope that our final research paper will help the CCSU athletic department in increasing attendance at all sporting events.


We will collect data by handing out surveys and collecting data from both students who live on campus and to commuters. We will also speak with the athletic department in order to see what they're currently doing promotion-wise for these events. To collect additional information, we plan on visiting the library to find information on how sporting events elsewhere are marketed and promoted outside of our school.


One of the problems our group may encounter is collecting sufficient information about our students' attendance at CCSU athletic events. We may not be able to reach members of the athletic department, and might have to go off the information that is on the athletic website. Instead of interviewing members of the athletic departments, we might just have to correspond with them through email or phone. We may also have difficulties getting statistics for other sports, because they are not as popular as basketball or football.



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